Excellence and personalized service has become the hallmark of ParioPlan through strong project management in managing an extensive portfolio of projects.

Urban + Rural Planning


ParioPlan has been recognized as a leader in preparing and implementing various land use plans, zoning bylaws and other policy documents for urban and rural municipalities and First Nations throughout western Canada.  Municipal planning encompasses a wide range of statutory and non-statutory land use policy documents that recognizes the unique social, cultural, economic and environmental characteristics that are different in rural and urban contexts.  Successful project completion requires an ability to quickly understand the local development context and effective communication with elected officials, administration and stakeholders.

Community Engagement + Communication


Community engagement and communication is essential to land use planning and development projects.  This exchange of information creates the foundation for trust and cooperation that is critical for achieving meaningful results.  We believe in a public and stakeholder involvement process that is transparent, accessible and inclusive.  Our experience using a variety of both conventional/traditional and technology aided engagement techniques, including: online and telephone surveys, design charrettes, interviews, focus groups, workshops, World Cafes, open houses, Town Halls, social media, open space meetings, task forces etc., allow us to assist project sponsors to select the right technique for each decision step.

Downtown + Main Street Revitalization


ParioPlan is Western Canada’s most experienced and knowledgeable planning and design firms in the field of downtown and main street redevelopment.  We recognize that each downtown area or commercial street has its own story and presents a unique set of challenges, needs and opportunities.  Over the years we have successfully worked with public and private downtown interests to develop realistic plans, generate needed political support and formulate achievable action programs.  Our advantage is that our grass-roots approach is founded on both public and private experience, a highly skilled team and refined through continuous improvement.

Sustainable Urban Design


Urban design needs to be addressed at various scales – the region, the city, downtown and district, neighborhoods, blocks and individual lots.  Good urban design offers many important economic, environmental, social/cultural and visual/aesthetic benefits.  It is about community building by holistically looking at, not only the architecture or built form of individual buildings, but also the public realm (i.e. parks, streets, plazas, green spaces) between buildings and how they are integrated and function as attractive places on a year round basis.  It is essential to look at land use, built form, open spaces and transportation as interconnected systems.

Economic Development


Economic development to create jobs, attract new investment, and expand the tax base is at the top of the agenda for all levels of government.  Elected officials, administrators, Chambers of Commerce, business associations and economic development professionals seek not only practical and effective ways to attract new businesses, but also strategies to encourage entrepreneurship and business growth and retention.

 Real Estate


ParioPlan has extensive experience working with development teams and municipal staff to facilitate the often-complex planning review and approval process.  We can add value to larger-scale infill projects by identifying additional entitlements and building an effective planning case for increased development rights.

Special Studies


ParioPlan can undertake special studies and research to address a variety of planning, development and design interests.  Our knowledge of best planning practices and tools is supplemented by best practices research further afield.  We are often approached by clients wanting insights into innovative approaches to affordable housing, aging in place, green initiatives and land-based challenges.