The Tango Rezoning


Site Specific Custom Zoning


Edmonton, AB

Project Description

The Tango is a 29-storey slim high-rise that provides a redevelopment strategy for urban transformation of the Stadium Station TOD area through the implementation of the (DC2) Site Specific Development Control Provision approved on July 6, 2009.  The proximity to both the Stadium LRT Station (400 m) and the top of bank make this site appropriate for the development which will act as a gateway to 83 Street NW and linkages to the north.

The design concept introduces a unique high-rise where every unit has a view of the river valley, while the podium’s human-scale design celebrates, engages and enhances the unique context of its location.  The distinct stepped façade, undulating architectural elements and concrete textures create a sculptural image while the slim and tall massing accommodates future development to the north by minimizing impacts of sun/shadow and maximizing view corridors.

Sustainable design strategies equivalent to a Silver LEEDTM standard, and sensitive architectural and urban design treatments ensure the development will be an excellent addition to the neighborhood.  TOD elements include housing choice, 5% affordable housing units, Live/Work units on the ground floor, and new sidewalks with streetscape improvements and enhanced landscaping to encourage walkability.

The Tango will trigger infrastructure upgrades at the developer’s expense who will also contribute $100,000 to both hard and soft off-site amenities, and $80,000 to public art.  Finally, the Tango provides the City with an exciting addition to the river bank skyline and the neighborhood with a quality project encouraging future development.

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