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Edmonton, AB

Project Description

As prime consultant, ParioPlan led an interdisciplinary team that created a redevelopment plan for Fort Road”s Old Town area for the City of Edmonton. The plan will revitalize Fort Road with streetscape and roadway improvements and compatible mixed-use zoning on both sides. A mixed use “urban village” with a TOD focus was planned for a brownfield site east of Fort Road. The walkable urban village proposes up to 1,000 rowhouses; mid, low, and high rise apartment units; and 80,000 sf of commercial space, increasing the density adjacent to the Belvedere LRT station. The Plan requires 20% of all residential units to be affordable.

A village square and multi-use trail are key public amenities supporting a pedestrian network. The Urban Design Plan features a development concept, urban design guidelines, municipal improvement requests and an implementation plan. Consultation included stakeholder interviews, focus groups, a design ideas workshop, public open houses, newsletters and web updates.

  • National Brownie Award for Brownfield Development Canadian Urban Institute 2008
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