Saskatoon Downtown Housing Study


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Saskatoon, SK

Project Description

ParioPlan led an interdisciplinary consulting team including Kindrachuk Agrey Architects, Nichols Applied Management, and UMA Engineering in preparing a Downtown Housing Study for the City of Saskatoon. The study was commissioned in January 1998 in response to a desire to stimulate residential development in Saskatoon’s downtown area. Downtown housing is a key element of Saskatoon’s overall goal of achieving a more sustainable community, and an increasingly popular phenomenon in Canadian cities.

The study included:

  • developing a “vision” to guide programs and regulations encouraging downtown housing
  • determining demand for downtown housing
  • identifying opportunities and constraints
  • identifying infrastructure improvements required to attract and support more downtown residents
  • recommending appropriate financial incentives to encourage construction
  • doing a case study for the adaptive re-use of a historic warehouse

The Study recommended that Council approve a Five-Year Downtown Housing Initiative including marketing initiatives, infrastructure improvements, zoning changes, financial incentives, and demonstration projects. Opportunities for stakeholder involvement in the Study included key person interviews, focus groups, a vision building workshop, and an open house.

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