Saline Creek Area Structure Plan, Ft. McMurray AB


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Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, AB

Project Description

The Regional Municipality of Wood buffalo (RMWB) in Northern Alberta has experienced rapid population growth. The Saline Creek Plateau is an area adjacent to the southeast edge of the Urban Service Area of Fort McMurray. ParioPlan led an interdisciplinary team to develop an Area Structure Plan (ASP) for the area. The Saline Creek Plateau ASP establishes a policy context for the creation of a complete, mixed-use community that provides opportunities to live, work, shop, play and learn. Central to the ASP are 11 planning principles and supporting objectives which were informed by the outcomes of a Sustainable Community Design Charette. ParioPlan worked closely with the RMWB and CMHC to organize the four day Design Charette. Developing a sustainable design concept for the Saline Creek Plateau area was the primary objective of the charette. Numerous presentations, discussions and design sessions guided the development of three preliminary land use concepts.

The key objective of the ASP is to promote public health by creating complete, compact, mixed-use and walkable neighbourhoods. The ASP also encourages the use of “green building technologies” such as energy efficient mechanical systems, geothermal heating and cooling, green roofs, and low energy lighting where physically and economically feasible.

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