Parkland County Land Use Bylaw Update


Land Use Bylaw
Urban + Rural Planning


Parkland County, AB

Project Description

In March 2008 Parkland County retained ParioPlan to review and rewrite its Land Use Bylaw (LUB). The LUB update was necessary to incorporate new policy directions in the County’s 2007 Municipal Development Plan (MDP). The LUB review and update was aimed at providing the County with new and effective ways of managing how land was used and developed, as well improving the user friendliness of the LUB document.

Key highlights included changes to the Development Permit requirements; introduction of Work-Live districts; Cluster (Conservation) Residential districts; Lakeshore districts; new Industrial Districts to distinguish between business, medium, and heavy industrial development and to introduce design guidelines for yard screening and aesthetics adjacent to municipal roads and highways. Based on a need identified by various environmental groups, a new Conservation District was created to provide for the preservation of environmentally sensitive and significant areas and lands having significant natural capability for conservation, passive recreation and education.

The new Bylaw also included provisions for Secondary Suites, Garden Suites and Accessory Buildings. Landscaping requirements were also developed to enhance the appearance of buildings, commercial and industrial yard storage, and entranceways, particularly near urban centers and along highways.

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