Mountain View County Land Use Bylaw


Land Use Bylaw
Urban + Rural Planning


Mountain View County, AB

Project Description

In April 2008, Mountain View County retained ParioPlan to work with County administration and Council to review and update its Land Use Bylaw (LUB) and to create new Commercial / Industrial Design Guidelines. As the LUB is a key implementation tool, it required updating to reflect new policy directions in the MDP. The review also presented an opportunity to make the LUB more user friendly and comprehensive, and to introduce commercial and industrial design guidelines that encourage quality development forms.

The LUB and Commercial / Industrial Design Guidelines will ensure that the County is a sustainable community by guiding development while respecting the environment. This will be achieved through sound land use, subdivision and development practices; environmental protection strategies; conservation and energy-efficient design; as well as new landscaping and architectural standards. Opportunities for community and stakeholder input were provided at key points of the project.

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