Lakeland County and Town of Lac La Biche Intermunicipal Development Plan


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Lakeland County, AB

Project Description

Lakeland County and the Lac La Biche region is an area that, due to its natural beauty, attracts thousands of visitors annually. This historic part of the province also contains a diverse economic, cultural and recreational base. In 2001, ParioPlan was retained to prepare an Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) for Lakeland County and the Town of Lac La Biche. The Plan contains policies that guide the municipalities in coordinating land uses, economic development, growth management, transportation and municipal infrastructure. Policy areas account for the natural features and numerous bodies of water located in the Plan area.

A key element of the IDP is the implementation section, which contains policies on how the two municipalities will oversee Plan implementation, resolve disputes and share costs and revenues. Since adopting the IDP, the Town of Lac La Biche and Lakeland County have amalgamated to become Lac La Biche County.

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