Lacombe County Municipal Development Plan and Land Use Bylaw Update


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Lacombe, AB

Project Description

The planning process for reviewing and updating the Lacombe County Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and Land Use Bylaw (LUB) included comprehensive consultation with County Council, Administration, residents, business groups and neighbouring municipalities. A Project Backgrounder was prepared for general distribution and media releases were distributed to print and broadcast media at key project intervals. Two inserts were developed and placed in the County News explaining growth strategy options and proposed policy changes to residents. As well, regular newspaper articles were written.

During the course of the project, two meetings were held with neighbouring municipalities and the County. Three vision building workshops engaged residents and stakeholders in identifying a future vision of Lacombe County and areas of land use concern. Alternative growth management options were presented at three public open houses, with a survey also used to invite feedback on future growth options. The final phase involved three open houses to present the draft MDP and LUB to the public for input in advance of a public hearing and Council approval.

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