Edmonton City Centre Airport Lands Impact Assessment


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Edmonton, AB

Project Description

The future status of the Edmonton City Centre Airport (ECCA) Lands has been the subject of significant debate over the past few years. In June, 2008, the City Administration presented a report to City Council summarizing the challenges and possibilities associated with the ECCA Lands. ParioPlan played an active role in the interdisciplinary team, lead by Bunt & Associates, for the preparation of a Lands Impact Assessment for the ECCA.

For the purpose of determining land use, transportation, market feasibility and servicing impacts related to the redevelopment of the ECCA Lands, a Demonstration Plan was prepared to illustrate how the Lands could potentially be developed for a comprehensive Transit Oriented Neighbourhood. Through an interactive process, the draft Demonstration Plan was refined in response to the findings of Market Feasibility and Municipal Servicing assessments to establish an appropriate mixture and land use types, densities and locations.

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