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Edmonton, AB

Project Description

Working with a multi-disciplinary consulting team, ParioPlan produced a development plan and design guidelines for the older industrial area north of downtown Edmonton, parallel to the former CNR lands. This area is characterized by vacant lots, underutilized industrial lands, commercial uses and low-rise apartments.

As the area was facing significant redevelopment pressures and is anticipated to contain a future LRT stop, the City required a plan to guide development and enhance area amenities. A vision for the area was identified during community and stakeholder consultation. Planning considerations included height restrictions associated with the Municipal Airport Protection Overlay.

The final report included a development concept, urban design guidelines and an implementation program. Key recommendations included a multi-use trail connection through the area. The plan encourages the creation of a walkable environment by recommending a multi-use trail, increased density, housing diversity and a mix of land uses. Stakeholder and public consultation methods included vision building workshops, key person interviews, community information newsletters, visual display materials, public meetings and Advisory Committee Meetings.

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