City of Leduc and Leduc County Joint Sustainable Growth Study


Growth Studies and Annexation Applications
Strategic Planning
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Leduc, AB

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Project Description

In 2007, ParioPlan was retained as prime consultant on an interdisciplinary team to develop a Joint Sustainable Growth Study for the City of Leduc and Leduc County. The resulting study, completed in 2009, determined directions for future growth and associated infrastructure for the two municipalities. The study addressed a comprehensive area of development influence, local and regional trends, population forecasts, land inventories and requirements, infrastructure, key stakeholders, possible growth scenarios and preferred growth strategies.

The sustainable development principles that guided the study were regional in scope and founded upon sustainable pillars including smart growth, creation of vibrant communities, environmental stewardship, economic development, and responsible governance. This study was the first step in developing an Intermunicipal Development Plan between the two municipalities to ensure the sustainable and compatible growth of both communities.

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