City of Cold Lake Land Use Bylaw Update


Land Use Bylaw
Urban + Rural Planning


Cold Lake, AB

Project Description

Cold Lake initiated a review of its Land Use Bylaw (LUB) in 2007. The need for the review stemmed in part from development pressures that were expected to continue over the mid-term. Another factor was the City’s new Municipal Development Plan (MDP) which contained several new policies that reflected the community’s changing expectations and needs.

During the project’s initial issue identification stage, it was agreed that a major rewrite of the LUB was necessary to expand definitions and use classifications, and to improve development standards, urban design, building appearance, placemaking and theming. A comprehensive signage section was added to regulate the design and placement of signs.

A major enhancement of the LUB was the introduction of new districts to accommodate more compact mixed-use development into urban villages as proposed in the new MDP. The new LUB was adopted by Council in November 2007.

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