Community Engagement + Communication

Our consultation methods are designed to meet specific objectives and can be used to acknowledge the desire for people to participate in decisions that affect them, facilitate understanding, and improve decisions.  Using the approach developed by the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) for public consultation planning, we design, coordinate, deliver and evaluate consultation activities or stand-alone facilitation services.  We can also develop and produce communication pieces to support project consultation objectives in collaboration with the client.

Recently, there had been an increasing trend towards the addition of a new breed of innovative digital engagement tools to compliment traditional, face-to-face techniques.  Social media has become more important in reaching out and Public sector organizations are no longer satisfied with face-to- face events that attract the same small segment of the community that wishes to participate in this way.  Many people are now using social media and other digital technologies for communication and information exchange so they expect to participate in public processes using these same techniques.  ParioPlan has an ongoing relationship with several online engagement providers which can join the project at reduced fees compared to standard retail fees and to bring public engagement online capability to live.

Selected Projects