About Us

ParioPlan is a professional land use planning and design consulting firm specializing in sustainable planning and design, rural planning, urban revitalization, urban design, and real estate development. Established in 1996 in Edmonton, Alberta, ParioPlan provides consulting services for urban and rural clients in the public, private and non-profit sectors throughout Western Canada.  

Our Working Philosophy


We know that the inter-related nature of planning decisions have cumulative lasting impacts on both natural and cultural environments, communities and individuals. At ParioPlan we are committed to planning communities that are complete and resilient, balancing sustainable development with a respect for diversity in values, cultures, economies, ecosystems, built environments and distinct places.

Our work is guided by the following core values:

Commitment to Sustainable Development. We share a commitment to promoting sustainable planning and development practices with knowledge of how to limit the impacts on the environment and develop climate-context solutions.

Excellence. Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated not only by our returning clients, but also by the regional and national awards our projects receive.

Working Collaboratively. As most projects today are developed in a multi-disciplinary environment involving expertise in several disciplines, we share a commitment to working collaboratively with the capacity to lead projects spanning multiple disciplines.

Continuous Improvement. Our broad expertise and commitment to continuous learning leads to innovative solutions that consider a range of challenges and opportunities.

Responsiveness. We believe in building and maintaining strong relationships and communications with our clients and the professionals we partner with.

Ethics. Ethical business practices and a sense of social responsibility guide our day-to-day actions. Our planning practice also adheres to the Canadian Institute of Planners’ Code of Professional Practice.

Respect for Diversity. Our strategic advice leads to implementable plans that respond to client expectations, community interests and local conditions.

Our Past / Our Future

The origin of ParioPlan dates back to 1996. That’s when founder and President Armin Preiksaitis – professional planner since 1973 – formed the Edmonton-based consulting firm Armin A. Preiksaitis & Associates Ltd. 
The company’s growth and expanding client base resulted in the addition of associates, planners, designers and planning technicians. The firm’s award-winning projects testify to our innovative approaches and focused solutions. Planning work is supported by in-house services that include GIS, mapping, graphics production, project management and community consultation. For projects that require expertise in other areas, our affiliations with reputable professionals allow us to seamlessly form inter-disciplinary teams. 
To better reflect the company today and as part of succession planning for the future, Armin A. Preiksaitis & Associates Ltd. changed its name in 2010. The new name ParioPlan – Latin for “to bring forth or create” – captures the essence of what we do. Armin Preiksaitis continues to be part of the ParioPlan team and the firm has retained what our clients value most: commitment, knowledge, strategic advice and creative solutions.